8 Affordable Gift Ideas for Photographers

While photography equipment is known for being pricey, there are some great gift ideas for individuals who want to buy a nice gift for a photographer without breaking the bank. We have compiled a list of items to make your shopping as easy as possible.

  1. Magazine Subscription – Outdoor Photographer is just one of the many photography magazines available, but is a good choice if the photographer enjoys taking picture of nature and landscape. The magazine offers gear reviews, tips for improving your knowledge in both photography and post processing, and provides insight on locations and workshops available. Retail $19.99
  2. External Hard Drives – Too many photographers depend on their notebook or desktop to store their files. Not only does this slow down the computer, but it also prevents them from accessing the files if the hard drive fails. An external hard drive will allow you to work faster while providing you with a peace of mind knowing your files are safer. Retail Price $99-$250
  3. Flashpoint 42-Inch 5 in 1 Collapsible Disk Reflector – This product is great for adding fill light to your subjects and contains translucent, white, silver, black, and soft gold. This product is easy to breakdown and carry in the field. Retail Price $45

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